Saturday, June 14, 2008

On the Rebirth of Afro/Arab Feminism

Way back in the 1980's Carole Hadadd and June Jordan decided that Black and Arab feminists were meant for each other, crucial to each others struggles, central to each other's liberation. Each other.

And something else happened in the 1980's I was born...and luckily that wasn't all. Actually on this exact day a little less than 2.5 decades ago, Nadia was born too. Thank all the directions of our prayers, thank everyone who made it possible that we met. Thank June from beyond, thank Carole. Thank the Lorde and everyone in between.
Check out Nadia's blog and her upcoming brilliant work with and at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit next weekend.
I love this sista. I'm so glad she was born today. I'm so glad that she gives me the chance to be reborn...remembering who I am everyday.
all love and peaceful intentions to and through Nadia!!!!