Monday, June 22, 2009

Combahee Survival Activity!: Sprung

Yes!!!!! We are at the cusp where spring fever turns to hot sticky summer lust. I love this time of year...and all the bad and good decisions that come with it. And I'm so happy to be in black feminist intellectual lust with all of you!!!!

This week the Combahee Survival exercise is about completing a poem made from these words...

“Above all else, our politics initially sprang from the shared belief that Black women are inherently valuable, that our liberation is a necessity not as an adjunct to somebody else’s but because of our need as human persons for autonomy.”
Complete the poem:


sprang shared



Post your poems below or email us at

For example: Alexis Charles who says she usually does NOT write poetry contributed this beautiful elaboration:

1. Not from ABOVE

But from within.

You gave life to words.

That gave me life.

Words that

SPRANG from our SHARED oppressions, fears, dreams and joys.

Calling for our LIBERATION.

Illuminating our NEED.

2. When I had lost faith in everything ABOVE.
What SPRANG from the depths of your hearts.
Let me know my pain was SHARED.
The not so quiet call for LIBERATION
Those words
“black women are inherently valuable”
Held me softly, tenderly, gently,
Quieted the dull aching NEED
Wrapped me in love and solidarity


Where do exist?
Your words


iNto motion a well-spring of truth, knowledge and love gushing from the valleys of your thoughts,
G through the canyons of your silences, over the cliffs of your screams.

I SHARED my fears and dreams with you and I realized I’m not the only one


In moments of NEED you

Cynthia bringing the light!

Cynthia bringing the light!

Cynthia Oka, radical mama and feminist indigenous rights organizer in Vancouver wrote:

5:47 am

pungent is the aching flesh over hard bone

it is no luxury to choose


rising dawn

droplets of sun on my skin

stinging like ice

i must search again

build dig tear from towers of tyranny


all that demands our breaking

a million footsteps marching on my chest

fear not fear not

the arms of my mothers

spears sprang against cannons

today so too do mine

that is my blood spilled shared

that is my life-giving love

that is my claim

on freedom

above this colonial landscape

i embalm my body

and choose to grace this day

with my presence

i am no finely cut diamond

i am the raw earth

on which your build your throne

i desire no queenhood

i am higher than price

stars breaking in sky

this is my spirit

cage me wage me

snap every joint

i rewrite the universe

through my undoing

we are our prophets

persistent as dew

fear not fear not

we are all we need

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

lexical earthday

Oh wow y'all! Before the week is out I will be 27...also known as GROWN!!!!
Feel free to send wishes, love, and advice. I am thrilled about the juicy goodness of knowing you this lifetime!

I hope you can make it to my b-day potluck brunch at 1pm on Saturday June 13th on my porch.
Here is the reading and bring something yummy.
And feel free to make a donation towards my birthday gift seminar at the Furious Flower Poetry Center too at paypal to the email