Wednesday, August 23, 2006

every where is african woman (or) everypoemiwriteisalovepoemforthepeopleilove (or) this is an epic of monumental significance that should neva end

because i never chose the white doll
or the light doll
or the doll that was someone other than me
i am not a doll

because my song is magenta watermelon
the seed slick on my skin
is jagged and open

like the birth of cool water out my throat
thats my song

question: what is the color of beauty
answer: everywhere is africana woman

but what about this box called beauty
yea what about it

we are moonlight sista
tipsy like moon light
brilliant like moon light
wandering like moon light's
blooming skin

maybe beauty is the color of queen latifa
maybe not

maybe is
the sweet grass smoothed between zachari's
fingers and twisted into a basket
"here mama, put yo peaches in this"


the cylinder of hair (smoothed around
jurina's fingers) like a glowing orange flood


manju's palm flat against an opera back


kriti's fingers cupped under a mango chin


the moan that begins is rachels belly is

the freckle that smiles off mama nancy's cheek


(i'm not done...yet, but love is coming for you all)



lex said...

awww. that was really beautiful. thanks for saying my name. it feels good to know that you were thinking of me, that we are all connected.

butterfly's Voice said...

You are a songstress thanks for singing me into the wind (or mabe just cyberspace LOL)