Sunday, December 03, 2006

verily thus sayeth the Lorde

as if she knew what we were up to right now...
From "My Words Will Be There"

"It is necessary to determine how much of this pain I can use. That is the essential question we must all ask ourselves. There is some point where pain becomes an end in itself, and then we must let it go. On the one hand, we must not be afraid of pain, but on the other hand we must not subject ourselves to pain as an end in itself. We must not celebrate victimization, because there are other ways of being Black.”

“Even if you are afraid, do it anyway. We learn to work when we are tired; so we can learn to work when we are afraid.”

"I have always felt that I cannot be categorized. That has been both my weakness and my stregnth. It has been my weakness because my independence has cost me a lot of support. But you see it has also been my stregnth because it has given me the power to go on. I don’t know how I would have lived through the diffeent things I have survivived and continued to produce if I had not felt that all of who I am is what fulfills me and what fulfills the vision I have of a world.”

“There are very few voices for Black women, speaking from the center of conciousness, for the I AM out to the WE ARE.”


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butterfly's Voice said...

Can I just say wow!!! Thank you so much for that post. Moving out of victimization to the unknown is not as easy as it looks. Though we say we don't want the pain, the unknown can be even more frightening. But it is a must if we are ever to be whole again. i can't remember what that feels like. I imagine I felt it as a little child and when I look at Bailey or Eden or my niece Michaiah when she's playing teacher, I can't wait to feel it again.