Monday, February 19, 2007

Supplements from This Bridge

I happened to re-read This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color this weekend. It struck me this time how much of that groundbreaking book is made up of journal entries and letter communications. Hmm.
Here are some passages that I wanted to feed you.

“For once in my life i have to let myself deserve a home, food on the table and a handful of loving friends, this is a time of healing and taking the blame of the rapes and attempted rapes, the child beatings i recieved, taking all that pain off my shoulders and giving it back to who it belongs.” Naomi Littlebear (from Earth-Lover, Survivor Musician)

“I am a revolutionary feminist because I want me to be free. And it is critically important to me that you who are here, that your commitment to revolution is based on the fact that you want revolution for yourself.” Pat Parker (from Revolution: It's Not Pretty, Easy or Quick)

“What I feel is radical is trying to make coalitions with people who are different from you. I feel it is radical to be dealing with race and sex and class and sexual identity all at one time. I think that is really radical because it has never been done before.” Barbara Smith (from Across the Kitchen Table A Sister-to-Sister Dialogue)

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mariamariacuchita said...

Beautiful quotes. Inspiring!