Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Featured Right Now Radical Woman Of Color: Lailan Huen

Lailan is born in Oakland, raised in OUSD public schools, incubated in New York City, and cultivating her love for art, education, and community transformation back in the town. She is actually a graduate student in Media Studies at New College, but likes to audit classes at SF State in her spare time and won't go anywhere without her CIG. She currently works at the Avenues Project at East Oakland Community High School, at Oakland Leaf in the Fruitvale, and enjoys doing graphic design & silkscreen posters for the movement. She wants to work with youth & communities in Oakland to generate counter-narratives, transform public spaces, and take back community power over our own educational processes for liberation.

So, following a recent communication from Lailan (a long-time loved one of mine, and zach's and kai's) I felt so inspired that I just had to find a way to share it. As you may have noticed...there really is no such thing as the "Featured Right Now Woman of Color" on this blog or in the wider culture...until RIGHT NOW. Yes. Lailan is just that badass. She makes us create new culture forms through which to acknowledge greatness. To give you some small idea on the impact that one person can have when she lovingly engages community 24/7
Here is a love poem that I wrote to Lailan based on my experience working with her in NYC BEFORE I even knew all of the dope stuff that she was up to back in Oakland. And take some time checking out all of the amazing projects that she's working on. I see Lailan's approach, not only as an individual firework to the possibility of beauty and liberation, but also as a model for what community (can) look like.

Lailan's beautiful prints

A DOPE holistic community center that Lailan is helping to Build

MySpace page for An Embattled Social Justice Community High School that (of course) the local school board consistently hates on
AND the struggle to keep the school open.

An innovative program to empower youth with alternative education forms. I especially love the "Love Cultivating Schoolyards Program" June Jordan, if I may say.

And of course my girl is sees the creative process of loving and lifting up youth as a peace producing endeavor...I also get the feeling that she made this flyer.

So...let's all become friends with Lailan and her crew of radical educators for real liberation and get schooled on what that looks like here (wherever you are...but especially in Durham!)

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