Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Coup Two

Loved ones!
Check out the second issue of The Coup Magazine, an online soon-to-be-print publication exploring the power of black diasporic women (that I have the honor of serving as an advisory board member for...along with Asha Bandele and others). The founders Wayetu Moore and Ashleigh Rae Staton are brilliant, motivated young women (just broke 20 and making big moves as editor-in-chief and creative director of this venture!). Allow yourself to be blessed!

Read the current issue here!

Here is the description of the current issue from the editors:

Dear Reader,

The Coup Magazine has evolved from mere thoughts into a vehicle to which we'd never imagined we'd be holding the reigns. We praise you! Thank you for your support and your fellowship. Where We're Coming From is our first issue of seven online 2007 issues. We hope you enjoy these chronicles, as all of them mean something very special to us.

For our feature article, Builders. A Conversation with Majora Carter, we received an opportunity to interview revolutionary environmentalist, Majora Carter, who is making an international name for herself working in the ecological restoration of the South Bronx. We hear from Miss Black New York, Shade Ogunleye, on the discovery and embrace of her identity in Nigerian Independence Day Parade. Shade has a stunning beauty, inside and out, and we are overjoyed at her success and spirit. We were also pleased to receive work from Imani Bazell, a provocative voice, and extremely talented writer. Her story, entitled Distant Memories, chronicles her childhood experiences as her family travelled through black America’s various socio-economic circles. Screenwriter Onyinyechi Okoronkwo expounds on the Ugandan conflict and turmoil. Onyinyechi’s intimate voice and innovative prose in Bedtime Stories, give light to a struggle overlooked by the international community for decades. Also, we were graced with a special health piece from one of our dearest advisors, Mwansa Mandela, in Why Black Women Should Practice Yoga. Last but not least, we welcome Wendi Muse, the newest addition to our family as an Associate Editor. Wendi’s work, entitled Black Immigrants: The New Model Minority, is a commentary and exploration of recent statistics hailing the educational progression of black immigrants as grounds for the proclamation of a new model minority. We welcome Wendi’s wit, her graceful intelligence, and voice.

In columns, we celebrate the photography of Brazilian artist Raquel Rocha. The Male Perspective, Teachers, is composed by a friend of The Coup, Ryan Duffy. The Line Up explores an alphabetical organization of the world’s republic polities.

Also, visit our blog at www.thecoupmagazine.blogspot.com to share your input and commentary. Thank you again for your support. Keep reading. We’ve only just begun.

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