Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Divine Community: Some Words for Whispering

Okay. I was going to beg everyone to (re)read Bernice Johnson Reagon's "Coalition Politics: Turning the Century" (1981---it's the last piece in Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology...and in fact I still encourage you to read it....but M. Jacqui Alexander Pedagogies of Crossing: Feminism, Sexual Politics, Memory, and the Sacred is rocking my world:

“Can we see that a lotus can bloom in a furnace without losing its freshness? We would need to learn to make peace with contradiction and paradox, to see its operation in the uneven structure of our own lives, to learn sense taste and understand paradox as the motor of things, which is what Marxian philospohy and the metaphysics of spiritual through systems have in common: dialectics of struggle. Paradoxes of the Divine. Stil we know that living contradiction is not easy in a culture that ideologically purveys a distaste for it, preferring instead an apparent attachment to consensus. But we know as well that living contradiction is necessary if we are to create the asylums of identification and solidarity with and for one another, without which our lives will surely wither.”

“The fact of the matter is that there is no other work but the work of creating and re-creating ourselves within the context of community. Simply put, there is no other work....Spirit work does not conform to the dictates of human time, but it needs our courage, revolutionary patience, and intentional shifts in consciousness so that we can anchor the struggle for social justice within the ample space of the erotic.”

Let's just talk about this. Meeting wizard anyone?
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