Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Purple": New Story by the Most Brilliant Writer of Our Generation

If you don't know that Danielle Valore Evans is the Most Brilliant Writer of Our need to know. The youngest student admitted to the prestigious writers workshop at Iowa since Flannery O'Connor, Evans releases timely, crucial and evocative stories that often center around the lives of young black women. Evans' work makes the bottom of your soul drop...or maybe it makes your heart expand. Alexis Pauline Gumbs, (self-proclaimed) beloved friend and (admittedly) fanatic supporter of Evans gushes, "I know how brilliant Danielle is. We've worked, laughed, sighed, lived and dreamed together for more than seven years. However, every time I read a new piece of her work, I am stunned again by grateful awe."

As Lamarr Burton would say...don't take our word for the link below to read "Purple" a story by Danielle Valore Evans in the currrent issue of The L Magazine.

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