Thursday, May 08, 2008

"This Instant and This Triumph": Women of Color Publishing

Announcing:American Book Review, Volume 29 Number 4 with a focus on Women of Color Publishing

Top 10 Reasons to get a copy of American Book Review (just this once!)

1. Audre Lorde's face is on the cover of American Book Review. Enough said.

2. "This Instant and This Triumph" an introductory essay that puts the current women of color publishing movement into historical context by Alexis Pauline Gumbs

3. Profiles of some of the amazing publishing initiatives that women of color are popping off RIGHT NOW!

4. Ernest Hardy's exciting new release from RedBone Press (BloodBeats Vol. 2 The Bootleg Joints) reviewed by the brilliant collar popping scholar ALISHA GAINES!

5. Asha Bandele's contemporary classic The Subtle Art of Breathing reviewed by the inspiring womanist performance diva EBONY GOLDEN!

6. INCITE: Women of Color Against Violence's crucial The Revolution Will Not Be Funded reviewed by the strategically fly organizer PAULINA HERNANDEZ!

7. Girlchild Press's new anthology Just Like A Girl: A Manifesta reviewed by the most talented and necessary fiction writer of our generation DANIELLE EVANS!

8. Hermana Resist's collaborative 'zine The MAIZ Chronicles reviewed by BROWNFEMIPOWER!

9. UBUNTU/BrokenBeautiful Press's interactive anthology Wrong is Not My Name reviewed by the textually incisive KINOHI NISHIKAWA!

10. A bunch of headlines that the guest editor DID NOT APPROVE, but finds amusing nonetheless.

Check it:


B! said...

this post has me *very* excited about an american book review issue, something i thought would never happen.

problematicserenity said...

lex, this is wonderful! congratulations! much love - serena