Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Autumn of Anzaldua Continues!

Hey all,
Inspired by Summer of Our Lorde (which went viral from Durham :) INCITE Bay Area is hosting Autumn of Anzaldua. Next they are reading this article


See the details below if you are in the bay area...or read along wherever you are!

Mark your calenders! The next Autumn of Anzaldua meeting is on Sunday at 3pm in San Francisco at Petra Cafe on Guerrero Street at 17th. If, miraculously, the sun comes out, we can walk a block to Dolores Park and have the meeting there.


I've been getting a lot of questions about membership and if it is closed for the group so let me stress: please feel free to drop in if you haven't been available until this point--the meetings are very chill and there are no rules about 'membership' or participation other than that it is a women of color space. The space is whatever the folks present create from it.

On Sunday we will discuss the attached reading about Anzaldua and how her mental/physical health influenced her work titled "Gloria Anzaldua's Mestiza Pain: Mexican Sacrifice, Chicana Embodiment, and Feminist Politics" by Suzanne Bost which the fabulous Sofia Lee dug up for us. We agreed to all come with one discussion question about the reading.

See you Sunday!,

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